Minecraft 1.7 Launcher Cracked Download!

Minecraft 1.7 Launcher
Minecraft 1.7 Cracked Download
Minecraft 1.7 Cracked Launcher Download 2015

Minecraft 1.7 Launcher Cracked Features:

Biome Changes/Improvements

  • Possibly containing changes to oceans.
  • Improved biome transition/generation.
  • Clay Canyon biome jokingly referred to as "Disco Mountains".
    • Composed of multiple colored hardened clay.
    • Dead bushes spawn in this biome.
  • Redwood Forest biome.
    • Contains 2x2 Spruce trees.
    • Will have a grass block variant known as Podzol.
      • Currently obtained only by the silk touch enchantment.
    • Contains dirt blocks that do not allow grass to grow.
      • They have a data value of 1.
      • Only obtainable with /give because there is no visual difference.
    • Moss Stone "boulders" are scattered around in this biome.
    • Dead Bushes, Mushrooms, and Ferns spawn in this biome.
  • A cliff technical biome.
    • Main block is stone.
    • Like Steep hills, not completely vertical.
  • Spruce Trees will generate in Extreme Hills biomes.
  • Snow may now generate depending on Y level, with noise variation.
    • Biome dependent.
  • A Skylands-like world type.

Lighting fixes

  • A lot fewer "black spots" in the terrain generator.
  • Torch bugs in strongholds and mineshafts have been fixed.

New Options to the options menu

  • A completely new option menu.
  • Rewrite of one or more option screens.
    • Rewrote Key Config.
      • Function and sprint keys can be changed.


  • Changes to fishing mechanics.
  • Possibly Cherry Trees added by Patrick Geuder.
    • They vary "seasonally" by having leaf blocks change color every fourth day for three minutes.
    • Contain pink saplings.
  • Redoing the achievements and statistics system.
    • Will be per world/server.
  • New scoreboard functions.
    • Can now use statistics to create objectives; anything that statistics can track can be used as an objective (can also track achievements).
      • This is the reason why statistics/achievements were changed to be stored per world/server.
  • Community Feature
  • New Flowers.
    • Sunflowers.
      • Always face East.
      • Can be grown, unlike Roses and Dandelions.
    • What appears to be Lavender.
      • Grown up to two blocks in height.
    • Pink Paeonias, called Paeonia.
    • Several colors of Tulips.
  • What appears to be two block tall grass.
  • Falling now has particle effects.

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